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So true….

So true….

wisdom can come from anywhere…

wisdom can come from anywhere…

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Health advocates push for better HIV-AIDS prevention programs | Free Speech Radio News →

  • I am one of the Health Advocates featured in this radio news piece that ran around the world yesterday… It is a weird thought to know people around the globe heard. It is audio six minutes long and I am featured a few times through it… (Special thanks to Hermione Gee for allowing my voice to have a global platform).
Life always has a way of changing our minds on things we thought were absolute…
~ j. 

4th of July…

I had a great 4th of July weekend away… working on some new stuff for the blog coming soon… 

~ j. 

Go green.

Go green.

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Cornerstone Church's assets on auction block →

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I find it ironic…

That the cornerstone church in Fresno was such a huge supported in stopping same-sex civil rights in California in 2008 with all their resources and money… hmmm MAYBE you should not have donated things you did not have. They have not paid loans for 5 years and owe 5.5 MILLION dollars. 

Jim Franklin leader says of the issue ~

"It’s obvious when you’re in these types of financial situations, but my goodness when you see companies like Gottschalks and the major banks in town. Again we shouldn’t think we’re immune to it."

Hey Jim… Guess what Businesses go bankrupt sometimes because they took a chance, the business failed, the need was not what was expected or many other potential factors. But a Church is not a business!!! Nor should it be, it is a ministry of the people to help those in need and help your community. 

You should take care of those in your pews with needs, before you attack the civil rights of others and demean their lives…

Just a thought,

~ j. 

Christopher Street Gay Liberation Parade, New York1971
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Christopher Street Gay Liberation Parade, New York

(via MeInSanFran @ flickr)

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Hillary lies. Also says it's OKAY for Israel to potentially kill unarmed Americans on a humanitarian mission. →

The nice people at the Christian Science Monitor politely point out that Hillary was lying through her teeth when she claimed the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza will be “entering into Israeli waters”. - Michael Moore

Outcry in America as Pregnant Women Who Lose Babies Face Murder Charges | Common Dreams →

This story needs attention and we as a society need to step up and help these women, not send them to jail for life.

Learn, be informed, then speak.

Just a thought…



I am so happy to hear that NY State has taken a huge step in the right direction toward Justice, Love, and Equal Human-Rights for all!!!!!


~ j.